Some like it hot

‘Some like it HOT’ it is like my favourite movie ever!!!

If you never watched it…please, do it…I promise , you won’t regret it ….it’s a fabulous & hilarious story about two musicians that witness a mob hit, they flee the state in an all female band disguised as women, but further complications set in. Director: Billy Wilder Stars:  Marilyn MonroeTony CurtisJack Lemmon.

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I might not have a white fur…

………………………….NOR THE SEXAPPEL AND BOOTYLICIOUS SHAPE AS Marilyn  – THAT is for sure…..but I like to think the whole OUTFIT I put together generally falls in to this feminine –  sexy  – lady  – delicate – gentle – biting lips – like category.

Featuring: White – Creamy oversized Winter Coat by TOP SHOP, ZARA  green sequin slip strappy dress, ZARA ankle strappy leather stilettos and River Island EARCUFF.

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topshop-cream-premium-oversized-throw-coat-LMUW avs lift me up wardrobe


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