Firstly let me explain the tittle of my post : RINGER : one that strongly resembles another. 

My inspiration for that post and the general idea of a *RINGER – double – mirror – twin – sort of category was a TV US drama show under the same tittle or ANY MOVIE  involving ‘double act’ for that matter.

There is something about TWINS that for some ‘unknown’ reason I really like. I even like it that much that I wouldn’t mind giving birth to them 🙂  this is a little obsession of mine lately…

Twins Mirror Ringer doppelganger LMUW AVS Fashionb BLOG

Featuring: H&M lace cocktail evening dress 1 in GREY and 1 in Pink-Black overlay. These dresses were sold out few years back . Sadly I am not an owner of those 2 beauties no no no …..I own the grey dress the Pinky – Black one I borrowed from my cousin DAGA 🙂 THANK YOU DASIU!!!!!

H&M Lace coctail dress LMUW AVS fashion blog

Agi & Victoria 

Mirror RINGER twins LMUW avs !   2014 !   20141 !   20142 !   20143 !   20144 !   20145
inger is a show that debuted during the 2011-2012 Season staring Buffy the Vampire Slayer veteran Sarah Michelle Gellar. Thrilling drama presenting 2 different lives of TWIN SISTERS, Bridget and Siobhan.
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