Us Slavs – My słowianie

Pomysl i inspiracja wzieta z Teledysku ‘My Slowianie – ‘Us Slavs’

Idea and inspiration taken from Polish MEGA HIT ‘ US SLAVS’

I thought to myself well, if it’s big enough to air about it trough #BBCtrending Channel – is big enough for me to create an OUTFIT based on what CLEO wears in a video.

Slavic culture is sometimes portrayed using images of piety, simplicity and a rural idyll. Not least by Slavs themselves. But a racy music video from Poland that has been watched almost 17 million times on YouTube challenges those stereotypes.

The song My Slowianie – ‘Us Slavs’ – is a collaboration between the Polish rap artist Donatan and the singer Cleo.

BBC coverage here

Also according to VOGUE : SS 2014 – Wanderlust that’s how they called one of the fashion trends for 2014. Wanderlust is going to be adopting exotic embellishments and plundering ideas from the four corners of the earth .

Exotic – tribal – country signature clothing accent – folk.

I give you FASHION trough POLISH Music.

Polish FOLK. 

PLEASE – Watch & listen the video – First –  HERE

CLEO’s Outfit 

CLEO donatan my slowanie LMUW AVS US SLAVS stylowka fashion FOLK _ CLEO donatan my slowanie LMUW AVS US SLAVS stylowka fashion FOLK __ CLEO donatan my slowanie LMUW AVS US SLAVS stylowka fashion FOLK CLEO my slowanie LMUW AVS US SLAVS ootd


And here is my adaptation

STYLOWKA CLEO – My Slowanie – Us Slavs by LMUW & AVS

Spodniczka kupina poprzez POLSKIE allegro dzieki DANUSI 🙂 


AVS vs CLEO stylowka donatan my slowanie watermarked31

watermarked33 watermarked34


My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0108 My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0106 My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0101 My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0145

I am selling the SKIRT and the white Bavarian tophere 
My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0099 My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0092

My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0089 My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0091 My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0093 My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0097 My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0116 My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0117 My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0119 My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0120 My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0121

I am selling the SKIRT and the white Bavarian top – here  My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0122 My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0123 My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0124 My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0125 My_slowianie_donatan_cleo_doll_house_silvercut_frill_me_up_LMUW-0126

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