It will come as a surprised and most likely be seen as a crime against the fashion but am not a huge fan of Chanel.

OMG I really did say hat. Upss.

HOW cruel – and inappropriate of me. Ok so before you all start a witch hunt , please let me explain.

I adore CHANEL in fact I believe COCO chanel is the very both ‘father & mother’ figure of the whole fashion world creation as we know it…..however…..there is one thing…yes a ONE thing that I don’t quite like…..

This one thing is those TWEEDed button granny jackets and skirts collection.

* below you have an example of what I am talking about.

Agithis is a NO NO for me no matter of what THE LABEL says.

Having said all those cruel and unforgivable things about CHANEL 🙂 and their signature design I recently bought this dress and by it’s LOOK and pattern it reminded me JUST a bit of this particular chanel design that I don’t really like…..but I bought it anyway…hahahahahha..

so here it is.

Similarity might be only in my head but this is my vision of  what comes to MY MIND when I looked trough the photo shoot photos.

I thought with an uncertainty and a small grim on my face……… uuuuu ……..eeeee… mhhhhh.. ummmmmm…looks kinda like chanel.

Decide yourself: YAY or NAY?

 BTW if you interested : I am selling this dress in my LMUW Boutique here 

CHANEL Collection


Chanel Tweed inspiration lmuw avs Chanel Tweed inspiration lmuw avsTHE DRESS is as new – just worn on the shoot.

size 10 – 12 

  am selling this dress in my LMUW Boutique here 

NewYear2014_ LMUW_AVS_jan_horse-0039 NewYear2014_ LMUW_AVS_jan_horse-0040 NewYear2014_ LMUW_AVS_jan_horse-0041

 am selling this dress in my LMUW Boutique here  NewYear2014_ LMUW_AVS_jan_horse-0043 NewYear2014_ LMUW_AVS_jan_horse-0044