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NEWTZ & me. part I. SUPERMODELS.We all want to be them. We all want to look like them. Men wasn’t to date them . Magazines wants to have them on their covers. Catwalk designers dying to have them on their shows. But are those ‘super models’ really happy or healthy or love their jobs or are they really NICE PEOPLE  – these are all very existential questions ; ARE WE?

Yes I want to look like some of them my eye was always on LINDA EVANGELISTA – or I wish to have such a thrilling and entertaining and what is look like a  F U N job but they need to be all the time on the food regime they need to work out constantly they also work like a horses and have no social life despite being OUT THERE 24/7….and all these am sure not making them very NICE people at times?

ARE WE nice? Just try to get to work using underground and you see how normal & down to earth people are nice.…..N O T !

Anyway… after such a miss-leading introduction i need to mentioned the reason of ‘why’ – in order to get the whole picture i need to start from the beginning.

For those that are first time visitors – I am a fashion blogger/STYLIST presenting my fashion style from London – and additionally to million ‘selfies’ of my daily outfits i also invented my OWN LOGO for my blog Lift Me Up Wardrobe short of LMUW and time to time i order clothing with my logo on it just because I still believe i can become somebody and ‘go places’ 🙂 


Most of the time I was using this one company from EBAY and recently I have been approached by their creative Director asking if I wouldn’t mind ‘modelling and styling’ few of their own T-shirts.

Naturally I said yes.

Below is one of such T-shirt, Funny Slogan T- shirt ‘ YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US’ – worldwide known slogan is associated with KATE MOSS AND NAOMI CABLMELL – a super models famous slogan!

This was also taken from the movie called ‘mean girls’. The phrase that you say to people if they try to sit at the plastic’s lunch table while wearing track pants on a day that isn’t Friday or a pony tail for the second time in a week or a color other than pink on WednesdayThat’s against the rules and YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!

What am I wearing / co mam na sobie – Panama fedora hat, You can’t sit with us T-shirt by NEWTZ.me , long line black see-trough kimono jacket by H&M, River Island gold sequin disco retro shorts, leather biker boots by River Island, MICHAEL KORS monogram speedy gold bag, gold black statement necklace by Primark, gold aviators Ray Bans.

Highly recommended – take a look – www.newtz.me

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 LMUW for Netz.me part I 

you cant sit with us LMUW


Highly recommended – take a look – www.newtz.me

NEWTZ Facebook FAN PAGE – like here

LMUW-0037 LMUW-0051 LMUW-0058LMUW-0062 LMUW-0066LMUW-0038 LMUW-0039 LMUW-0040 LMUW-0041 LMUW-0042

Highly recommended – T-shirt from – www.newtz.me

NEWTZ Facebook FAN PAGE – like here

LMUW-0043 LMUW-0044 LMUW-0045 LMUW-0046 LMUW-0047 LMUW-0048 LMUW-0049 LMUW-0050 LMUW-0052 LMUW-0053 LMUW-0054 LMUW-0055 LMUW-0056

Highly recommended – T-shirt from – www.newtz.me

NEWTZ Facebook FAN PAGE – like here


Highly recommended – T-shirt from – www.newtz.me

NEWTZ Facebook FAN PAGE – like here