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CHOIES. Phenomenon of this on-line fashion clothing store is ridicules. whoever is a fonder must jumping to the roof of how quickly this particular on-line store reached his popularity. I am talking about On-line store called : CHOIES – website here –

Here are my VERY recent purchases with the LINKS to buy it.

What am I wearing/ Co mam na sobie : Vintage retro flip sunglasses, Top and skirt bought as TWO piece set from , Camel Suede Peep Toe Tie Up Sandals from @choiescloth , satchel tan bag from ebay.

April 201430

Vintage Blouse With Dot Fishtail Skirt – BUY IT HERE

 April 201413 April 201425

April 201427 April 201428 April 201429


Camel Suede Peep Toe Tie Up Sandals – BUY IT HERE 

April 201421

Vintage Print Relaxed T-shirt and Short in White  – BUY IT here 

April 201414

Retro Patterned Top And Shorts In Black – BUY IT HERE 

 April 201424

 April 201430

Metallic Dot Dress with Bead Shirt Collar – BUY IT HERE 

 April 201418

Embossed A-line Dress With Oil Printing Hem – BUY IT HERE

April 201420

 April 201430

Luxurious Long Sleeve Contrast PU Leather Lace Bodycon Dress In Blue  – BUY IT HERE 

April 201419


Red Midi Skater Skirt – BUY IT HERE 

April 201417

 April 201430

Black Bodycorn Dress Contrast Lace Panel – BUY IT HERE 

April 201422

Gray Midi Skater Skirt – BUY IT HERE 

April 201423

April 201430

Green Midi Skater Skirt – BUY IT HERE 

 April 201416

Ruffled Loose Suit In Apricot White – BUY IT HERE 

 April 201415

ALL above OUTFITS has been bought from CHOIES.

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