Bite me

I was raised according to many many stereotypes followed blindly by our parents like ; ‘care what others say about you’ , ‘wash your dirty laundry at home’ , ‘keep everything inside’ , ‘don’t ask for help’ , ‘ do not get involved this is not your problem’ , ‘ don’t be a burden and do not over bear on anybody’ ‘put a good face on a bad business’ ,’ in your age you should have at least 3 kids’ ‘ this is not appropriate for your age’ ‘ stop joking around behaving like a clown and focus on a real job’ ‘don’t be yourself’ … …and many many more…

I want to say to all of this nonsense rules I grew up with .. BITE ME ! 

I AM a Human-being. So when am angry am acting out and it doesn’t mean am crazy. When am sad I cry and it doesn’t mean that am on drugs and need help, My tattoos are reflection of my life and they are the way I DEAL with things and it doesn’t mean that am TRASHY, cheap or been in jail . When I drink and dance and look super happy it doesn’t mean I have a problem and should go to rehab.

I want to grow.

I want to move forward not backwards.

I want to be better person. I want to be a healthy person. 

I work hard. I like what I do * MY BLOG and I like who I am .

I care and I try. I DO MISTAKES. I apologies.

I am honest but I also lie. I am very fragile and it’s very easy to hurt me. 

I AM also a fighter. I am not planning to give up or runaway.

Don’t Judge People You Never Know What Kind Of Battle They’re Fighting and what kind of path they had to go trough to be HERE.

I am bossy and i have an attitude and i take everything personally hahahaha…. yep THAT’S ME.




I LOVE people.

I am grateful and I am trying to be….happy…. 🙂 

What am I wearing / co mam na sobie : / #Newtz T-shirt modelling colab  ‘LITTLE MISS CYRUS’ – more of such you can find it here – , Black floral long line tassel fringe kimono jacket via ebay store, Denim shorts by primark, Over the knee black suede stilettos via ebay store,  Headphones , necklace and birdcage beanie all cfrom ebay.

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