Sicily part V

Wednesday. 11th June – One day to go. Tomorrow I will be tanning my polish ass on the SICILIAN sea ūüôā okey, so …without further explanation as I don’t think is needed ..hahahahah …I think already the whole world knows am going on HOLIDAYS… ( BTW to all the buglers out there – we actually have someone staying IN at our place to take care of our CAT – soooo BUG IT OFF ) hahahaha…

LET ME SHOW you how I will TRAVEL…. tomorrow….

What am I wearing / Co mam na sobie : Let start with my luggage which is new ( the old one was used for yrs and got broken recently) – anyway – so I bought this one – RUSTIC SHABBY BROWN color of a super light weight, 4 – 360 wheels a ‘ROUTE 66’ beauty ūüôā ¬†– 4 sizes available you can buy it here or in TK MAXX if you lucky.

NEXT – I wouldn’t have any other way as to TRAVEL with a bit of a LUX and posh look with ‘what I called’ my signature piece – ¬†my new buy MISS SELFRIDGE KIMONO JACKET , I am telling you …she is such a beauty. YOU CAN buy it here¬†

I will have TWO options in TOPS as here in LONDON is kinda cold-ish and am sure in Sicily is a bit warmer hahahahah РSo for travel from here i will wear my LMUW LOGO LINE T-shirt and then when we land I will change into the rustic tan racer back River Island silky tank top, ZARA DENIM TROUSERS  , Ref. 6688/020 , 29.99 GBP РBUY IT HERE


mentioned many times before we do plan sightseeing and perhaps even go to the STROMBOLI VOLCANO hence the biker boots....

these are exactly what i need – they are very comfy and soft so NO blisters and very light and of course let’s¬†NOT forget abt fashion aspect as let’s be clear This is s Fashion BLOG not a travel agency or a guide how to take as less clothes as possible…

I have made also a CITY CHIC cool look for the times I will wear this OUTFIT in LONDON …

So the shoes ( lace up cut out gladiators sandals) are from JUST FAB : BUY IT HERE

 and the bag is ALDO a prezzie from my MISIEK РON SALE РBUY IT HERE

so what YOU see down below is just a GLAMOROUS STREET STYLE version.

ROUTE 66 bag
USA original ROUTE 66 lug set super light LMUW

 This is pretty much what I will wear on Thursday when flying. unnamed


THIS is more glamour and ‘LONDON – like’ version of the similar outfit.¬†

LMUW 201420 LMUW 201421 LMUW 201422 LMUW 201423

LMUW aldo justFAB not famous yet backless -0018 LMUW aldo justFAB not famous yet backless -0020 LMUW aldo justFAB not famous yet backless -0027 LMUW aldo justFAB not famous yet backless -0029

LMUW 201424