Sicily VI

FINALLY FRIDAY 🙂 yes but not only I AM ON HOLIDAYS. I am here  – Siracusa in Italy. In a magnificent Villa HERE.

Today is my second day of my Holidays.

Since this POST has been written few days ago….yes I know cheeky BUT BRILLIANT I can’t say how it is and how it feel and what I see ( NOT yet at least as am writing this post on Sunday afternoon from my flat in London) – But I can tell you this… I am enjoying.l relaxing. Tanning, eating ,drinking, laughing and am HERE living IN THE PRESENT appreciating what has been GIVEN to me. THANK YOU GOD!

I’ve decided since its FRIDAY I will give you a bit of a MIXTURE of sorts… TODAY on my 2nd day of holidays we ALL have PLANS to do some serious tanning, then we are going out for a dinner …then we are coming back to the villa to HAVE SOME quality DRINKS – put some dresses and heels on and  – we are going OUT DANCING 🙂  and….please do NOT expected anything less that I COUPLE of outfits ideas…

Swimsuits. Dinner / lunch Outfits. Party dresses. 

My swimsuits… 

LMUW 201425

LOCAL dinner outfit ideas:

april-201424 LMUW-0142

GOING OUT dresses I have with me are : 

watermarked50 watermarked51

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!!!