Etna Volcano

OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE – Mount Etna Volcano Erupts on 16 JUNE 2014

And I WAS THERE to see it!!!!

ETNA VOLCANO is the second largest  active volcano in Europe.

So firstly we drive by our own car to cable car station it took us around 2hrs as we were driving from siracusa

then we jump into the little plastic container and start terrifying N O T journey to the terminal funiwia located 2.500 meters above sea level.

To give us coruagge before this exiting adventure we had a small sip of their local drink called ETNA Grappa.

We have arrived all happy and save and then we have taken 4×4 big bus toTORRE del Filosofo

located 3.000 above the see level.

JUST as a FUN fact the highest pick in poland called the RYSY is 2.655 😉

We were very lucky as ETNA started erupting night before our arrival so have witnessed

LIVE explosions,  rumblings, light blue gas escaping from spewing LAVA.

Amazing experience one of the life time!

WHAT TO WEAR for the VOLCANO trip.

untitled-0030 untitled-0032

cool breezy comfortable wear – CHECK

BAG – PACK so I can wear it on my back and be FREE- handed – CHECK

it’s SUPER windy out-there as you will all see on the pix below so HAT HAT HAT and scarf…

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