Last day

My last day. Today is Friday 20.June and today is the day before we leave.

The chance to be a part of this spectacular Sicilian adventure was given to us by a Mrs & Mr Esformes the tomato tycoon from USA. My besty PATITA was the LINK who made it happen as she has been working for this generous couple for the past few years. So, let me just QUICKLY say THANK YOU to Tom & Joey for giving us this opportunity and for inviting us to spend these holidays with them.

Uno….dos…tres…. ‘GRACJASZ’……

This fabulous trip has lasted for 10 days in which we have been to ETNA Volcano and have had the pleasure of experiencing it’s anger as ‘she’ was erupting while we were there. We also have seen the historical side of Sicily by visiting the museums palo orsa and the Greek Teatro of Syracuse and we have also been INSIDE the ‘ear of Dionysus’ (in 413 BC) were 7000 Athenian war prisoner were captivated and died what I can ONLY imagine in a horrible horrible pitch black place and according to the legend it is of the most hunted places in the world.

Besides sightseeing we also had a pleasure to enjoy many many of Italian and Sicilian cuisine. We have been to Archimede where we could taste one or the best PIZZA’s ever so I guess you can never go wrong with Michelin recommendations. The other night we had the freshest SEAfood FEST at the restaurant ‘La darcena ‘based right on the marina. Coming back from ETNA we stopped in the small city called Nicolosi and tried the best pistachio RAVIOLI at ‘AL pero’ Restaurant. Other spectacular place with delicious BEEF I ever taste was restaurant in the GRAND HOTEL RESRT MINARETO.

As you can see …delicious food everywhere we went 🙂

But overall one restaurant is worth mentioning above all – the DIONISIO in Ortigia when we had a proper FOOD fest as the owner had closed the restaurant and we have had 1 2 1 with many wines and aperitifs and main dishes and MY GOSH….the deserts…the PISTACHIO cream …two words – mind blowing! Thank YOU chef LELE for the exquisite experience – this was JOEY’s present to his wife Tom for her upcoming B-day.

We made trips to the private BEACH CLUBS and we have enjoyed ourselves by swimming pool.

Today is actual TOM’s –day so we are doing very special things for her and since it’s our last day before leaving tomorrow we also need to pack……and hey……TAKE SOME SUN!!!!!

So … take a look at all of my OUTFITS I wore …and all the bikinis… and PLEASE NOTE most of the clothes I AM WEARING will be available for sell on wed – 23rd JUNE 2014.

ENJOY xxxx