Sicilian boots

I am back from holidays and since am little sad that this magnificent Sicilian adventure has ended and I know that when you sad you can also say you are BLUE or you feel blue … I have decided to join both – a ‘BLUE’ feeling of sadness that the holidays are over and a ‘BLUE’ color outfit with my spectacular SICILIAN BUY – biker chain navy blue boots….and I also give you THE face of the MAN BEHIND THE CAMERA …my MISIO one of the most talented photographers ever !!!!! ….and I am not saying that because am sleeping with him hahahahaha – …TRUST me guys I AM NOT that photogenic..nor skinny…I only know ‘HOW to dress myself’ to cover all imperfection and HE knows HOW to do the ‘shoot’ of me so I look good!

THANK YOU MISIEK again for all your hard and relentless job of making PHOTOS of me 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

What am I wearing / co mam na sobie : Panama hat ebay £9.49, ZARA NAVY lingerie studio dress, TOP SHOP fringe tassel kimono, navy blue chain biker boots – 79.99 EUROS – my SICILIAN buy 🙂


LMUW-0001-2 LMUW-0004-2 LMUW-0005-2

LMUW-0012-2 LMUW-0017-2 LMUW-0018-2



MY LOVE. MY LIFE. My EVERYTHING – MY MISIO 🙂 LMUW-0022-2 LMUW-0023-2 LMUW-0024-2 LMUW-0025-2 LMUW-0026-2

THE OUTFIT IS SOLD ALL SOLD sold sold * except the boots of course 🙂LMUW-0027-2