#nofilter #nodigitalenchance #noedits #noimprovement #nochanges #barephotos I do edits of my pictures using one of the ADOBE Photoshop products called LIGHTROOM and what I like the most is the ‘lightroom presets’  – which in well knowns social media luggage means filters –  shame to admit but sometimes I do literally nothing else except for using this one ‘present’ called STREET FASHION when just BY ONE CLICK …yes only one click the whole PICTURE CHANGE.

And I was accused few times that I make myself skinnier….. hahahah LOL or i make myself prettier ie ;changing shape of my LONG nose or fixing my wrinkles etc etc etc… so …in some photos CLOSE UPS I use a ‘smooothing’ filter that makes the SKIN smooth – that is all ( NOT on these, though)

This is what I do when working on /editing  my pictures.

THIS IS MY edit Tricks 🙂

So I give you a REAL ME.


No presents no edits no digital hunky-punky no magic wands no brush no smoothing…..


what am I wearing / Co mam na sobie : Black biker jacket , ZARA grey lingerie dress, ZARA open toe ankle boots, silver grey mirrored ray bans,

Tommy Hilfiger men’s sport watch,

key necklaces which I am giving away as presents when you spend over £30.00 while shopping MY LOOK. 

June 20146 June 20147

ORIGINAL   —– with filter
June 20148 June 20149 June 201410 June 201411