The Wanga-Wanga apocalypse big boom-wanga-boom is over  – well at least for me.

I managed to buy pretty much what I intended to buy.

This post and perhaps few others along the way will be entirely dedicated to WANG X HM Fashion Collaboration.

As you may know, learning by my previous posts I have also purchased a BUNCH of WANG collection on-line on which I am still waiting for the delivery to happen and when it does I hope to make it very special EDITION 🙂 fingers crossed!

As for now please taker a look on the 1st EDITION – WANG styling by AVS&LMUW

FIRST -one is more funky – edgy – hipstery – young-ish – coolish like.

SECOND -one is something classics – elegant – with a ‘less is more’ motto.

BOTH sold already. Sorry… YOU were too late x 


Alexander Wang x HM Jacquard-knit skirt Art.No. 50-3258 size S

alexenderwangxhm-hmstudio-wang-hm-2014-LMUW-AVS-0062 alexenderwangxhm-hmstudio-wang-hm-2014-LMUW-AVS-0083Desktop29 November 20142November 2014 November 20141alexenderwangxhm-hmstudio-wang-hm-2014-LMUW-AVS-0055 alexenderwangxhm-hmstudio-wang-hm-2014-LMUW-AVS-0063 alexenderwangxhm-hmstudio-wang-hm-2014-LMUW-AVS-0072

You can buy the SKIRT – here and here and here  


Alexander Wang x HM Jacquard-knit dress Art.No. 50-3404 size M 

alexenderwangxhm-hmstudio-wang-hm-2014-LMUW-AVS-0004 alexenderwangxhm-hmstudio-wang-hm-2014-LMUW-AVS-0006


alexenderwangxhm-hmstudio-wang-hm-2014-LMUW-AVS-0022 alexenderwangxhm-hmstudio-wang-hm-2014-LMUW-AVS-0023 alexenderwangxhm-hmstudio-wang-hm-2014-LMUW-AVS-0024 alexenderwangxhm-hmstudio-wang-hm-2014-LMUW-AVS-0012 alexenderwangxhm-hmstudio-wang-hm-2014-LMUW-AVS-0014 alexenderwangxhm-hmstudio-wang-hm-2014-LMUW-AVS-0025 alexenderwangxhm-hmstudio-wang-hm-2014-LMUW-AVS-0026 alexenderwangxhm-hmstudio-wang-hm-2014-LMUW-AVS-0029 alexenderwangxhm-hmstudio-wang-hm-2014-LMUW-AVS-0030 alexenderwangxhm-hmstudio-wang-hm-2014-LMUW-AVS-0032 alexenderwangxhm-hmstudio-wang-hm-2014-LMUW-AVS-0035

THESE are sold out in any store – TRUST me I went to every store in LONDON!

You can still buy them here : HERE and HERE

COAT is by H&M STUDIO H&M PARIS SHOW COLLECTION Runway Black Wool Tail Coat – You can buy it here and here

*for those who were paying attention to ALL the pictures campaign –  both dress and skirt were worn BACKWARDS!