Sunny LA

ONE day in #LA

I have decided to make yet another tribute to this paradise on earth ( this is my humble opinion and You can think whatever you want about this place it will not change my mind… like NEVER…like never ever ever… lol).

I was so lucky to be able to taste of what #LA  – THE USA – has to offer and I have been addicted and drown to it since.

I dream that one day SUNNY #LA will be my home.

I want to live in sunny #Cali, be able to run on the beach while watching dolphins dance, be able to wear flip flops all year round , not being in a constance rush any-more, own a big muscle car , eat ‘red velvet’ and ‘peanut batter’ and on the top of that I want to be tone&tan happy & healthy.

SOME DAY….I want to live there with my MAN and with our twins 🙂 …lol…

……California girls, they are undeniable, Fine, fresh, fierce, Tone, tan, Fit and ready Wild wild west coast, I love the bay, Just like I love LA , Venice beach And Palm Springs

………….Summertime is everything :-)……

Sunny LA. Venice beach. Rollerblades neon bikini smokin’ hot girls, music, smell and breeze of the ocean, tan, tattooed and favourable people, the felling of being CONTENT and me walking along with my backpack with american flag just to show how much I love USA and my see-through jersey on the bandage black monokini swimsuit + trainers and to spicy it up the look a BLACK flower CROWN.

Can’t you see I am ready. I was born * Firstly in a wrong country ( sorry to all Poland lovers) – but also I was born READY to be American. I have done many of such posts dedicating and sharing my love to USA… get use to it many more to come, am sure.

My dream is to one day ( sooner than later) become a worldwide fashion SENSEI – hahahahahh go BIG or go home right – to be honest pretty much any Fashion related JOB would do ! Move and leave in LA somewhere close to the beach.

Wear FLIP-flops all year-round.

Buy a big muscle American car to make my man happy.

Learn how to surf.

Eat any KIND of red velvet and snow balls variates.

Do Zumba with MY person and with super sassy and also the funniest Carla and now ALSO WITH the new addition to my growing LA FRIENDS BUNCH an amazing and  the sweetest and the kindest person I think I have ever met – Gabriella 🙂 …  we could make a NEW SEX AND THE CITY – LA version!

Have TWINS – boy & girl

Run with Marcia my New Orleans FRIEND – who’s also start leaving there recently 🙂

Drink ‘chAMpAGnIa’ ( champagne) –  with Vero XXX

Most of all being able to enjoy  the-company of our dear Friends Tommassina & Joey. 

Slow down the rat race.

Have a break from overcrowded TUBES and crap – rainy weather.

Have a new quality of life – even just for a bit … even just for few years.

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