My week

I lost count how many of these post called ‘MY week’ been done already.

Pretty much this is a compilation of the past month or so – by BEST of the best daily outfit I wear to work.

This is yet another post on that subject – me in the lift – making ‘daily OUTFIT selfies’.

Just FYI – most of the THINGS you see on me you can BUY at SHOP MY LOOK when am selling my clothes…if YOU cant find it  – ASK me – am happy to accept offers if I still have it  – and even if I don’t –  I will try and find you the links where to buy it xxx !!

BLACK & White Stripes & Dots – My look today – 17.04.2015



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IMG_7331telefon3 telefon4 telefon5

IMG_4665 IMG_4713 IMG_5204 IMG_5206 IMG_5239 IMG_5495 IMG_7272 IMG_7426