TUSCANY the plan….

Still at work though….. but…….at 15.00 pm sharp I AM SO OUT of here…. and TUSCANY her WE come…. and by WE I mean – MY MISIEK … Dasia & Kuba.. and actually Patita & Bursztynek along with Tom & JOEY are already there waiting for us…soon after we will be joined also by MARIJKA and DUSKA & KRZYS …so overall it will be 11 of us!!!

First of… let’s check the weather forecast! 

Tuscany Italy

We are flying in to PISA 2nite very late but our ambitious plan is to check in into the hotel at the airport and hop-in-to the taxi and get under the leaning tower in PISA just ….. BECAUSE we fucking can!!!!!! …….and perhaps for some FAT & GLUTEN pizza dinner hahahahah 🙂


Tomorrow morning at 9.00 am PATUSKA & Bursztynek are picking us up from the airport and we are driving through AMAZING TUSCANY to our VILLA.

Fullscreen capture 09042015 144217 what do you mean there is no beach

Few pictures of THE VILLA we are staying in 🙂

…………..aren’t we a BUNCH of lucky lucky people !!!Chianti-Tuscany-Villa-Rental,-Near-Siena-Casa-del-Mulino-100990 Chianti-Tuscany-Villa-Rental,-Near-Siena-Casa-del-Mulino-100991 Chianti-Tuscany-Villa-Rental,-Near-Siena-Casa-del-Mulino-100996 Chianti-Tuscany-Villa-Rental,-Near-Siena-Casa-del-Mulino-101000 Chianti-Tuscany-Villa-Rental,-Near-Siena-Casa-del-Mulino-101009 Chianti-Tuscany-Villa-Rental,-Near-Siena-Casa-del-Mulino-101010 Chianti-Tuscany-Villa-Rental,-Near-Siena-Casa-del-Mulino-101014 Chianti-Tuscany-Villa-Rental,-Near-Siena-Casa-del-Mulino-101015 Chianti-Tuscany-Villa-Rental,-Near-Siena-Casa-del-Mulino-101016 Chianti-Tuscany-Villa-Rental,-Near-Siena-Casa-del-Mulino-156704 Chianti-Tuscany-Villa-Rental,-Near-Siena-Casa-del-Mulino-156706 Chianti-Tuscany-Villa-Rental,-Near-Siena-Casa-del-Mulino-159837 Chianti-Tuscany-Villa-Rental,-Near-Siena-Casa-del-Mulino-159839 Chianti-Tuscany-Villa-Rental,-Near-Siena-Casa-del-Mulino-159841 Desktop fc481c817b0c581ab27fb24b46a64925_largeWe have plenty trips planned. Florance. PISA. SIENA. 
tuscany-food-wine-tours Tuscany-Italy2

I will be posting separate POST on each city – place – vineyard we plan to visits 🙂 ….along with OUTFITS 

Marija and Magduska & Krzys are joying us in FEW days later.

With such full house *****LIFT ME UP WARDROBE planned 2 Fashion Project.

Date of the Fashion shoot; 30 June 2015

Models: Marijka, Dasia , Paty , Bursztynek

Photographers : Misiek and DUSKA


LOCATION shoot – Rustic vintage Villa , TUSCANY , Italy

1. BOARD MOOD. We Will try to re-create something like this. 

01 04

2. Board MOOD. GYPSY – Bohemian – WILD FREE spirit.


.….and here are some of the OUTFITS that I am brining with me.

wyprzedaz1 wyprzedaz3 wyprzedaz4


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