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Founder of Lift Me Up Wardrobe a Fashion & Lifestyle Blog – followed by #AVS House Of Fashion platform in order to accommodate all services.

  • 5 years and ongoing managing a variety of fashion projects (location, editorial, studio)
  • All projects listed below are my own creations from the very idea – through-out extensive researches, clothing sourcing ,story line / trend angle , models pose management, location picks, mood board, hair/make up, photography , post production, marketing / publishing, ahead of time building awareness,  proper tributes and credits, pre-published announcement via emails newsletters, using all social media platforms, publishing a post on the blog.
  • Teamwork above all !!! 
  • Location fashion shoot – Street Style London – Andrea – HERE
  • Location fashion shoot – Street Style London – The real men know how to dress – HERE 
  • Location fashion shoot – Bournemouth – One day on the beach ; HERE 
  • Location Fashion shoot – Spain – #Flamingo – inspiration by summer trends – HERE
  • Location Fashion shoot – Spain – #PolishGirl – inspiration by Polish Made Brands – HERE
  • Location Fashion shoot – UK – Yoga / Sportswear – enlightenment with Tanja – HERE
  • Location Fashion Shoot, Mallorca – HERE
  • London , UK – ‪#‎JamIndustries‬ – I did Asstn Styling with this project
  • Location Fashion shoot – Tuscany, Italy – inspiration by current trends –GYPSY the wild spirit – HERE
  • Location Fashion shoot – Tuscany, Italy – inspiration by American Vogue, Light Brigade – White Gypsy Wedding – HERE.
  •  Location Fashion shoot – Countryside Poland, EU – inspiration logo of my blog and countryside – HERE and YouTube HERE.
  • Location Fashion shoot – Sicily, Italy, inspiration Dolce & Gabanna Collection – HERE.
  • 2014 – Location Fashion shoot – London, UK, inspo by 2014 Mark & Spencer campaign titled ‘Leading Women of Great Britain’.
  • 3rd post – REUNION – presenting LOGO T-shirts line of my blog – HERE.
  • YouTube – 11 hrs. of photo-shoot movie in 4 min – HERE.
  • 2013 – Location Fashion shoot – Gran Canaries, inspiration my own LOGO for my blog – HERE and HERE.
  • LMUW LOGO line T-shirt – HERE and HERE.
  • Fashion Project with cooperation and photos by Sammy Baxter.
  • #Gold #PUNK #BIKER – HERE.
  • Welcome to the Winterland – YouTube – HERE.
  • Vintage Corset – HERE.
  • Personal Stylist and shopper experience
  • Refreshing / re-matching the closet
  • Selling my own outfits at SHOP MY LOOK etc

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Key Achievements:

Interviewed By:

  • So Stylish, you can read it HERE
  • Broke & Chic blog from NY, you can read it HERE


  • Won ‘ The Trendiest Style in 2013’ award from, London – which was sponsored by ASOS and received £500.00 Voucher to spend in ASOS.

Key Professional Skills:                      

  • Knowledge / expertise; Possesses 3 years professional experience within the fashion industry as a Creative Director, and as a Stylist & Fashion Shoot Coordinator within the women’s wear sector.
  • Media / publishing expertise: Have printing house experience, skilled in working closely with graphic designers, media publishers, and journalists. Have gained 8 years of magazine, journal and media platform experience.
  • Fashion expertise: A fashion visionary who has a keen creative eye for attention to detail. A skilled and highly innovative stylist who can naturally select and match fashion items for maximum visual impact.
  • Leadership / teamwork: A focused leader who works collaboratively well within a team. Able to lead and motivate teams to achieve common goals by identifying individual strengths and encouraging development.
  • Project management: Can confidently manage fashion shoots from start, delivery and to completion.
  • Communication / interpersonal skills: Able to communicate (listening / verbal) with clients and colleagues at all levels, by adopting clear, concise communication methods.
  • Organisational skills: A strong and natural organizer who is able to multitask effectively in challenging and complex working environments, by researching and planning logistical requirements.
  • IT skills: Working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, WordPress, Lightroom, PowerPoint, Lotus Notes, Outlook, Vicintee, Secure Perfect Software, Room Wizard, FrontPage, Photoshop, PageMaker, Print Artist, Corel Draw, Internet & email. Typing Speed: 60 wpm
  • Client management: Highly client focused. Understanding client values, beliefs and goals with a view to create a plan of execution, whilst building solid and lasting relationships.
  • Problem solving skills: Able to work with a variety of complex and demanding clients with diplomacy. Can solve logistical issues in calm manner by including others, good planning,
  • Commercial acumen: Can develop a thorough understanding of business processes.
  • Work ethic: A tenacious, and diligent hard worker, who is willing to learn new and innovative ways of working.
  • Emotional intelligence: Enjoys working with clients / colleagues from differing cultures and backgrounds.
  • Languages: Polish (Mother tongue) and English (Fluent).


Fashion & Style is my life mantra.

Visionary and designer’s eye with devotion and awareness.

Creative fashion blogger with a flair for business.

Social media butterfly  & Admin skilled Ninja

  • A positively energetic, highly motivated and fashion focused trends follower and social media butterfly.
  • A proactive, innovative and pragmatic entrepreneurial individual and absolutely believer in ‘Team efforts above all ‘ – who has the ability to work well within a team to successfully deliver excellent project results. A hardworking driven always with a smile and can-do attitude orientated professional who has extensive communication skills, with a proven ability to seize opportunities, whilst building lasting relationships, trust, and mutual respect at all levels.